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What type of scripts do you need?

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Hey all -

I've been using Paul Tuersley's script to export cameras and scene elements from AE and move them into C4D. This has been perfect for my current 3D learning curve - it's a lot faster for me to do all the timing and construction in AE and only use C4D for what's 3D.

However, it doesn't work on parented objects. So what I'd love is a script that could remove parenting. I've seen many that will bake a camera out of a parented one, but nothing that will just remove parenting (either creating a new layer without parenting, or baking keyframes onto the current layer).

From what I've seen, it doesn't look like this would be crazy difficult, and would probably be just slightly modified versions of those camera bake scripts. Anyone got any time?

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You can do this with TrackerViz, using the "Track Combine" feature. Set it on "Track Combine", select only the child layer (the layer that is parented), and click "Execute". It should give you a new little solid with "collapsed" position keyframes. Just unparent your original layer and copy these new keyframes into the position parameter.

Not 100% sure if it would work for scale and rotation, as well, but this kind of thing in regards to position is exactly what it was designed for.

I've done more video tutorials for it here:
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You can try urbanspaceman's script that will bake the AE camera. It shouldn't matter what rotation methods and parenting the original camera has, as it translates all of that into a free camera with only position, rotation, and zoom parameters.

All you have to do is set your work area, highlight your camera, and it will make a copy of it with all the keyframes baked.

There are a number of advantages. Sometimes there is a need to export an AE camera to a 3D app, and baking the camera usually helps you avoid certain problems before you export. Also, there is an advantage to seeing the camera motion path on a free camera that's invisible on a parented one. And, this script could easily be adapted to remove parenting or auto-orientation on any layer. ... raBake.jsx

(ps. there is no error checking in the script, so if you don't highlight the camera it just quits at the moment)
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