a script to batch replace files

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Jon Coyopa
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I have an AE project where I need to batch replace thousands of jpegs with RAW (.cr2) files. I've the aescripts.com Immigration and Batch Search-n-Replace scripts and I'm either not using them correctly, or they don't quite do what I need.

Let me explain my workflow to better help you understand what I need. I have a bunch of time lapse shots and animations that were shot with a Canon 5D in RAW format to retain the best color space possible. Using Adobe Lightroom, I processed the RAW files into jpegs for editing but I only processed the ones I was going to use in the edit (this is important later). I used Final Cut Pro for my edit. I took these 5616x3744 jpegs and put them in 4k sequences. I adjusted the frame durations, some on 1s, 2s, 3,s etc, and nested those in a HD sequence for editing and animating. Once I had finished the edit, I used Automatic Duck to send the project to After Effects to apply some effects, some animation that can't be done in FCP and to do the final color grade. I need to replace all of those jpegs in AE with the original RAW files. Using the replace/relink tools already in After Effects, I can either do it one file at a time, which will take forever and isn't something I have time to do or I can have AE create image sequences. The problems with the image sequence option are that it uses all of the RAW files when I only need some of them, I can't have varying frame durations and I have to essentially re-edit/animate the project since it just places the image sequence in the project window and not the timeline/comp. I've tried every variation of making AE think files are offline but I'm still only left with the one by one or image sequence options.

Does this script exist?
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Batch Search-n-Replace Paths worked for Jon btw.
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