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Hi ,

i need a workflow script and wonder if there is someone that can help me with this.

1. import a picture sequence and use force alphabetical order (so that the name of the folder that
contains the sequence is used as name for the footage)
2. make a comp with the dimensions of (1920x1080) or other ; use the name of the footage for the comp
3. place footage in the comp and scale it to the width of the comp
4. duplicate the layer and use a transfer mode of 80% ; it would be nice if this can be selected or can be changed
5. add to render queue
6. save the project in the folder of the footage and render.
7. mark the folder with a color tag: done

this is to make previews of time-lapse footage.
It´s not a big deal on doing this by hand, but the computer can do this reiterative way faster and better then i can
do. I get lost during the process.

i hope i explained the task good.

it would be very nice to here if this is possible .
thanxs Peter
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