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Here is script which import a mp4 file from my "d" drive.

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var imgDir = ("d:");
var newAmt = 1;
if (!app.project) { app.newProject(); }
var myItemCollection = app.project.items;
var myComp = app.project.activeItem;
var myProperty;
function processFolder(theFolder)

for (var j=4; j < 5; j++)
var importOpts = new ImportOptions( new File(theFolder + "aff"+".mp"+j) );
var importImg = app.project.importFile (importOpts);
var myImg = myComp.layers.add(importImg, );
it import a "aff.mp4" file from my directory. But i want to rename the "aff.mp4" file when it import. is it possible? Please help me...
Paul Tuersley
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You mean you want to rename it in the project? The item object, which is the base object for all items in the project panel, has a name attribute which is read/write, so that should just be: = "myName";
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