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I use the Destabilize Layer script all the time and it's great. Except that I need an intermediate comp between the destab and the stab comps. Can someone alter this script so it does that?

Destab comp ---> build/work comp ---> stabilized comp

As it is now I have to copy and paste those expressions.

Paul Tuersley
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You could just precompose the final layer, selecting the 'Leave all attributes....' option to create an intermediate comp. You'd also need to collapse the layer in the new precomp.

Paul T
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Hello Paul,

I just tried both your "destabilize Layer" script and the solution via 3d layer/camera, but they both did not work.

What i want to do is: stabilize a layer, than remove some spots with the clone stamp and then again use the destabilized material.

The problem with the script is: I get the two stabilised and destabilised comps but how can I use the clone stamp in the stabilised version in order to see its output in the destabilised one? I tried with pre-comp but it did not work and gave my an Expression error.

When I try the the 3d layer/camera way (stabilise, make 3d layer of this layer, make a camera-layer and parent this layer to the stabilised layer) I do not see a difference when turning off the camera.

Can you please help?

Thanks a lot,

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