basic guide layer functionality in 6.0

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This very basic expression will read a checkbox & slider in a master comp and set opacity accordingly.

I am doing a freelance job at a facility that has not upgraded to 6.5 yet and i wanted basic guide layer functionality in 6.0.

I setup a Master Comp named "MASTER", added a Solid named "OPACITY MASTER" and added 2 effects: an expression checkbox control and an expression slider control. I then renamed the checkbox effect "Opacity Checkbox" and the slider effect "Opacity Slider.

You apply this expression to the opacity of any layer you want to behave like a guide layer.

Basically if the checkbox is off, then the layer will be transparent, if the checkbox is on, then the opacity will be set to the value of the Opacity Slider".

So remember to turn the checkbox off before your render!

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check = comp("MASTER").layer("OPACITY MASTER").effect("Opacity Checkbox")("Checkbox");
slider = comp("MASTER").layer("OPACITY MASTER").effect("Opacity Slider")("Slider");

if (check < 1){
} else {
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