Need expression to have one layer follow another...

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Im trying to automate something that I do regularly...

I Have a layer of video (replaced everytime I render the project,
but named the same) that is never the same length. I have another
layer (an information graphic) that is slid down to start right after
the layer of video.

I need to create an expression that Will force
the graphic layer to automatically slide itself to the end of
the video layer. ( note...The graphic layer is an animated
graphic that was created in another comp... so just
moving the in point won't work. It needs to actually
slide down the entire graphic layer.)
That way I can just open up the project, and just hit render,
and not have to move layers around myself. thus, saving me time.
How do I do this?[/u]
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In fact, what you want to change is the startTime attribute.

I don't really know if one can change it in an expression. You can change it with a script but that would be a pain in the ass to use that for such a thing lol.

But, what you wanna do can be done using an expression on a time remap.

1 ) Add a time remap to your animation (your information graphic).

2 ) inpoint = 0 outpoint = length of the comp

3 ) add this expression :

Code: Select all

4 ) Replace index-1 by the name of your video layer or the index, or whatever you want.

I hope, I did what you wanted lol
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