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Hi everyone,
my AE script KeyTweak allows you to conveniently modify any property that has many keyframes (as for example animated masks, keyframed position/transparency/scale data of layers, trackpoints, parameters of effects or what ever). The usual problem with keyframes is that once you have introduced a lot of them, it requires a lot of work to change something, since each keyframe has to be modified separately. With KeyTweak this is no more necessary:

Just change a few keyframes by hand (e.g. 2 or 3 out of 100 keyframes) and KeyTweak modifies the remaining keyframes "accordingly" completely automatic.

Here you find a video-tutorial that explains how to use KeyTweak, as well as the download link:

In the tutorial I explain how to use KeyTweak to
- correct drifting trackpoints
- correct rotoscoping errors
- realize non-uniform mask expansions
But these are definitely only a few of the possible applications.

Special thanks go out to Hype who inspired me to create KeyTweak.

Any feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcome!
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