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New Version coming soon:

Using pre-existing corner pin effects within After Effects this script:
1) Converts corner pin effects using expressions
2) Creates simple corner pin mattes
3) Rotates corners
4) Adds a simple corner pin
5) Adds ability to round edges of corner pin

Supported Corner Pin Effects:

Adobe Corner Pin
Red Giant Warp RG Corner Pin
CycoreFX CC Power Pin
Boris Continuum Complete BCC Corner Pin
GenArts Sapphire S_WarpCornerPin
Adobe Bézier Warp
Adobe Card Dance
Adobe Card Wipe
RE:VisionFX RE:Map Planar
Adobe 4-Color Gradient
FxFactory Pro Free Distort

This script can be used on any corner pin effects created by hand or by using motion trackers in After Effects.
It can also be used on corner pin effects imported from Mocha, MochaImport, TrackerViz, Shake, Nuke, SilhouetteFX, Syntheyes, Boujou, etc.

Available in French and English.

Please let me know if there are any other corner pin effects or features you would like to have added.
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the only thing missing is the script
Boom boom boom.
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