Capture what is done inside of After Effects ?

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i work lot in Modul8. And this vj app has the ability of capturing the interface changes while your working on a project.
then when finished you can recall this and you see the animation .

i´m preparing a cours for students and sometimes i wish to have a script that recalls what i was doing to show the students.
it would be cool to tell the script the speed in which it recalls the action.

i know that i can capture a movie, but it may end up as a really large file. And for sure has to be edited.

If i could skip or delete actions from the script it would make the process ob showing the interface programing much easier
than recording movies and editing those.

Anyone out their that has a thought on this?

In Modul8 you can record Hours if you like. You can´t do this with a movie. You need to plan the movie.

Hope this is well explained.

You can view modul8 at
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There is no ability to do this in After Effects.
This is something other people have requested though. You can add your support for this feature to be added here: ... e=wishform
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