roundtrip to Avid script ?

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is there a roundtrip script for Avid Mc > AE > Avid Mc ?

we would need a .aaf render option .

can we do this ?

thanxs Peter
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Been a long while since I messed with this but I've definitely been able to do it before with Automatic Duck from MC -> AE. If I remember correctly that's now packaged with AE, so you should be able to import/export an EDL or AAF. Check out the manual and I'm certain there is something in there. I don't know what version you're on but I was doing this back in CS4.

Sorry to not give you an exact answer but at least you know it's possible without 3rd party tools! It did take some research and I remember spending about a day to finally get it perfect, but it's probably easier these days...

- Spencer
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