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FDG-free preset bundle 01

Posted: June 12th, 2014, 4:55 pm
by FlyingDanGo
Share some of my presets here; :)

Windows system;
AECS4/CS5/CS5.5(InCS6andCC;These presets Rendering are vary slow;Not recommended)

How to use:
1.creat a new text layer and select it;
2.form menu;Animation-Applay Animation Preset...
3.browes anyone of ".ffx" files;double click to apply;

these presets all base on standard font"Arial";
dont change the properties in Character panel;

each preset has some custom properties in EffectControls panel;
try yourself(poor English can't explain,sorry);

most of these presets are 3d;use them with camera;
in CS5/5.5 you can preview the effect in Custom View;

by FlyingDanGo
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