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Andrei Popa
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Hello everyone. I am trying to make a direct composition to png string. I thought about saving the comp to a png, then open png, turn it into ScriptUI usable code(with .toSource()) and then delete the png. The problem is that the script tries to do all these things before the png is created. Can I wait for saveFrameToPng() to create the file? I saw it has a .onCOmplete() part, but I am not sure how to use that. Here is my code.

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* Returns the string that can be used to draw the picture in the ScriptUI
* @param {comp:compItem,time:number} options 
function createImageString(options) {

  //Setting defaults
  options = options || {};
  options.comp = options.comp || app.project.activeItem;
  options.time = options.time || options.comp.time;

  var jsxStringForPng = pngToString(options.comp, options.time);
  return jsxStringForPng;

  function pngToString(comp, time) {
    if (app.project.file) {
      var myTempFile = new File(app.project.file.path + "/" + comp.name + ".png");
      var a = comp.saveFrameToPng(time, myTempFile);
     // wait()
      var myString = pngToJsx(myTempFile);
      return myString;
    } else {
      alert("Please save the project before using this function");
      return null;


  function pngToJsx(myFile) {
    if (!myFile) return;
    var rawData = readBinaryFile(myFile);
    return rawData.toSource().slice(13, -3);

  function readBinaryFile(file) {
    file.encoding = "BINARY";
    var content = file.read();
    return content;
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This is a fairly old post but I've come up with a bit of a solution and figured I'd share:

After you call saveFrameToPng you can add this:

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while (!myTempFile.exists) {

Maybe a little hackish, but it basically forces extendscript to wait until that file exists on your drive, and only then continue

Andrei Popa
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Thanks for this solution.
It works great, I just had to lower a bit the waiting time because I have a high amount of pics to process.

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Thanks for helping me this also worked for me GIMP download Mac

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