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if I use this script:

var dlg = new Window('dialog', 'Alert Box Builder', [100,100,480,490]);
dlg.Scrl = dlg.add('scrollbar', [10,10,190,60], 400, 0, 800);

I would assume that dlg.Scrl.value = 400,
but It is 0
is this a bug?? or have I misunderstod something??
Paul Tuersley
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I've had confirmation that this is indeed a bug. Not only that, but when I try it on a Mac, dragging a horizontal scrollbar doesn't work properly (another bug). Vertical scrollbars don't have this problem though.

I tried switching 'scrollbar' to 'slider' and that will at least drag properly, but it still doesn't set the initial value correctly. I found that I could fix this by adding this line after the line that adds the slider:
dlg.Scrl.value = 400;

Paul T
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While on the topic of scrollbars.

I still have not had any luck figuring out the dilemna in my muster batch script with the scrollbar.

Basically what I would like to have it do is when it autopopulates the panel with text lines. once it reaches a certain point to engage the scrollbar.

This would be basically the equivelant of a textbox multiline:true but for a panel.

Or if someone has some sort of loop idea?
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