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Hey guys. I made a quick movie barcode generator to make these:

It isn't very elegant and needs to handle large video formats, but it works! If you make any improvements please post back here so I can include them. ... er-effects

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Those are some really cool looking results. Is the script available somewhere?

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I did the same thing using expressions.

I used the sampleImage command to tint a single pixel solid that was duplicated 2000 times.

It takes a long time to process so I actually sequenced the layers to see the barcode build up.

LLoyd, I'll email you the project.

Dan Ebberts
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This seems like it might be a good job for Pixel Bender. Here's a simple one-pixel slice with a control to let you set the y position for the sample:

Code: Select all

<languageVersion : 1.0;>
kernel BarCode
<   displayname : "Bar Code";
    category : "Pixel Bender Effects";
    namespace : "AfterEffects";
    vendor : "Dan Ebberts";
    version : 1;
    description : "Create bar code from image";

    input image4 src;
    output pixel4 dst;

    parameter float2 center
        aeDisplayName: "Center";
        aePointRelativeDefaultValue: float2(0.5,0.5);
        aeUIControl: "aePoint";
        parameterType: "position";
        defaultValue: float2(200.0,200.0);

        float2 p = outCoord();
        dst = sample(src,float2(p.x, center.y));
Just save it as a .pbk and drop it into AE's Plug-ins folder.

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Hi, cdinic
Thank you for sharing the movie barcode generator. I scan the barcodes with my phone camero, but they cannot be recognized. How do you scan it? Or this issue is caused by the barcode images are too large and is not clear when the camera captures the whole barcode image?
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