ae procuedural animatio: how much like actionscript (flash)?

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i am a veteran flash programmer and am very comfortable with javascript. after looking through the scripting documentation, it looks like one can control almost every aspect of ae. but, before i get to deep, i wanted to ask someone with experience: could i basically repeat everything i do in flash (save for interactivity) in ae -- and get a nice render at the end?
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Huumm.. I think you should just import the flash files in after effects and modify them
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right but that only supports keyframed flash animations. what i am referring to is procedural animations -- simulations. that won't ouput -- otherwise i would have saved to quicktime a long time ago.
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Hi Jai,
I found this awesome bit of software that will output (frame by frame) ANY procedural swf you put into it...

I've managed to output stuff from game engines and all sorts of other procedural stuff I've written in Flash to video. Take a look at the start and end of my showreel to see. It also supports 32 bit targas, which of course, rocks.

As far as procedural animation in After Effects goes... I did a quick test of the "rotation+=10" style... and no luck. It may need some investigation.

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