system.callSystem problem

Find out why the . goes before the /

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i'm trying to use system.callSystem to execute a command to copy an expression to the clipboard ( windows os)

the cmd is >echo aStringToCopyToClipBoard | clip , and it's work fine when execute in the windows cmd
but when i try to do it by the callSytem and can't get a good result ... :shock:

my script line : system.callSystem("cmd /k \"echo aStringToCopyToClipBoard | clip \"");

cmd windows popup, do action, but noting is past to the clipboard...

Thanks for your help
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Hi tapsystem

I was trying to execute the same task (copy to clipboard from AE) and I am having exactly the same problem. I've only realized that the problem involves the vertical bar (|). Did you get any satisfying result?

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