BridgeTalk.bringToFront ("aftereffects"); - No longer works

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I have been putsing around with a script since CS6. Suddenly with the most recent updates to CC, BridgeTalk.bringToFront ("aftereffects"); isn't working on my pc.
I have tested this on a mac and it seems to work fine however when I try on my windows 7 system, nothing. I searched through the Javascript CC ref but I am getting no where.

Here is what I have been trying. I open a new javascript set it to run the Extendscript Toolkit CC, pull photoshop in front of after effects.

I run this:
BridgeTalk.bringToFront ("aftereffects");

However, if I put after effects or any other programs in front of photoshop and run this:
BridgeTalk.bringToFront ("photoshop");
Photoshop pops right up.

Is anyone else having this same problem? Does anyone know anything about it? Can anyone offer advice for a work around?
I would appreciate it if someone would try this on their windows system as all my adobe friends work on mac.

Thanks for looking.
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