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Hi, I am trying to set up a project where by i can drop multiple stills images into a comp and have a linear wipe go through them one by one, all controlled by expressions.
similar to vfx breakdown's you get on Youtube

Being an intrepid novice to expressions I though "I can do that, no problem!"
So I have a comp with the images in it and another comp with the wipe effect in it. Inside the wipe effect comp I have 2 layers, a null with two sliders and a solid with a linear wipe effect.
The first slider (called pause) controls the length of time before the wipe effect begins and 2nd (called wipeSpeed) controls speed of the wipe:

if (time < thisComp.layer("Controls Wipe").effect("pause")("Slider")){



((time - thisComp.layer("Controls Wipe").effect("pause")("Slider")) * thisComp.layer("Controls Wipe").effect("wipeSpeed")("Slider"))


This works great I can apply a set channels effect to each image layer that takes its alpha channel from the comp with the wipe effect.
But this is just the first step after this I have become stumped, searching the web unsuccessfully for information, I hope I can get some advice here.
What I think needs to happen next is once the transition % for the wipe has reached 100 the time (play head for the comp) needs to go back to frame 0 and the whole process begins again.
Each time the cycle has run the upper most layer in the stack, that is visible, needs to be made invisible, that way each new layer below can be revealed and the whole layer stack is played through sequentially.

I hope that makes sense and there is someone out there that can help. Thanks for your time.
footage Comp.
footage Comp.
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wipeEffect Comp.
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