UI trouble. Can't set button position on window

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Hello! Please help with my little ui building trouble)
I have a tabbed panel and one little button. And can't set correct position for this controls. I attach a picture with explanation and copy part of my code.

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    function buildUI(thisObject)
        var myPanel = (thisObject instanceof Panel) ? thisObject : new Window("palette", "MyScript", undefined);
            myPanel.orientation = 'column'; // ?
            myPanel.alignChildren = ['fill', 'top'];
        var buttonAbout = myPanel.add('button', [0, 0, 20, 20], '?');
            buttonAbout.alignment = ['right', 'top']; //?
        var tabbedPanel = myPanel.add('tabbedpanel', undefined, '');
            tabbedPanel.orientation = 'column'; //?
            tabbedPanel.alignChildren = ['left', 'top'];
How i can place my control in needed positions?
P.S.: Sorry for my bad english :oops:
scriptui trouble.png
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