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Dear community members, I'm a motion graphics designer and just recently started learning writing scripts. Since I'm not a programmer it is very exciting experience for me. I've already written a script which gets data from the text file and loads it into our weather forecast aep. The script eased daily routine of my colleagues (they now can save up to one hour). I was delighted with this fact and now going to deepen my knowledge. However, that script is hard coded and works only with one project. So, now I'm working on another one which I hope would be more universal.

What I plan is a user selects certain comps, launches the script and in GUI window he/she sees what is in these comps. Than the user select certain comp within GUI and manipulate that comp's content position/scale/rotation. The thing is that I don't know how to reveal a certain composition in GUI window (like a preview window). Could you tell me whether it is possible at all that one can see composition content in GUI window?

I hope I described everything comprehensible. Apologize for many words and mistakes.
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