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Hey Everyone,

In advance, I am relatively new to the scripting game.

So far, I am attempting to create a script to help me automate my EXR pipeline.
I am wondering if there is a way to access the "Channel Information" within the "EXtractoR" effect.
As of right now, I have created a script to take the selected EXR files and place them into a composition. I then have the layers imported and the EXtractoR effect applied.
I am trying to set the attributes within the "Channel Information" section of the effect to search for the correct index. EX: Red Channel to find the ".R" selection. Do you know if/how I could achieve this?

Here is the script I have so far.

///////////////EXR PIPELINE SCRIPT///////////////

var selectedItems = app.project.selection;

for (var i=0; i < selectedItems.length; i++) {

var myComp = app.project.items.addComp(selectedItems.name.substring (1, selectedItems.name.length-16), selectedItems.width, selectedItems.height, selectedItems.pixelAspect, selectedItems.duration, selectedItems.frameRate);

var myLayer= myComp.layers.add(selectedItems)



Thank you for your time!
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EXtractOr is a plug-in developed by a 3rd party vendor, which Adobe licensed. I suggest writing an email to them at http://www.fnordware.com/ to see if maybe they can help you out? Otherwise you could always buy ProEXR from them which does exactly what you want from what I can tell (never used it myself...). It's only $50 and there's a free trial.

- Spencer
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