ExtendScript Toolkit bug

Find out why the . goes before the /

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I got a very annoying bug with the ExtendScript Toolkit...

I'm french so.. I use an azerty keyboard.
The problem is : The ALT Gr key doesn't work in the editor.
and I need it in order to type { [ ] }

For now, I've just used copy/paste but, it's a bit annoying, I was wondering if someone else had this weird bug.

I'm on windows 2003.
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There's an updated version of ExtendScript (v1.0.3) on the Adobe site, and there's mention of the AltGr key now working on German keyboards, although no mention of French keyboards.

http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/ ... ftpID=3205

http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/ ... ftpID=3206

I just installed it, so I can't vouch for compatibility issues. Block indenting is nice to have, though.

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Ohh ! Thank you, it works, now.
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Crikey, that must have been SOOO annoying. Hooray for the fix!
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