Tutorials about creating Palettes?

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Lord Scales
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Hi there!
I searched here and in a lot of sites but I found no useful information about palettes. I also took a look at some scripts that create them, but as I am new in scripts, I could not understand them.

If anyone can give a nice reference for creating palettes, and how to "find" the values inside them, I am very grateful!

Lord Scales.
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Good news is that palettes just got a whole lot easier in CS3 and there's some very good documentation on how to do it in the built in help, so unless AE7 compatibility is important to you I wouldn't even bother learning the old way (which is a real pain in the ...) and go for CS3.

Lord Scales
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Oh, I had download the Guide some days ago, but I have not noticed the part about palettes. Thank you!
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Finding Bridge scripting guide made all this UI stuff much easier for me ... for those still trying to script in AE7.
I hope it's still available at Adobe's place, otherwise I can hand it over if anybody still needs it.

All stuff isn't applicable to AE, but most is.

My 0.02 cow's hoove worth (or watever the currency was in the past ;) )

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