Purging Memory via a script

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nama rupa
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OK I havent done any scripting with AE and I was wondering if any of you know if its possible to get a script to control when to purge AE memory?

The reason I need this is purging seems to be the only fix for the pinwheeling that happens while using AE 6 and 6.5 on a G4/G5 thats using OS10.3.

Actually I should ask if there is already I script for this?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Much thanks
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The "beach ball" from hell problem is due to a combination of three things in AE :
1/Projects with a lot of nested comps and the pref "Synchronize all related items" activated
2/The undo history
3/Project complexity

You can try to turn off synchronize time and/or reduce the number of undo items to see an improvement.

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