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Paul Tuersley
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This script lets you create your own custom palettes that can be used to
access your favourite scripts. It's a heavily modified version of the Demo
Palette script that ships with AE 6.5. Here's an example:



Note: This script requires After Effects 6.5 or later.

1. Place the unzipped CustomPaletteCreator_v1 folder inside the After Effects
Scripts folder then relaunch After Effects.

2. Run the CustomPaletteCreator1.0.jsx script and you will be given the chance
to choose each of your favourite scripts, one by one.

3. Cancel the 'Add a script' dialog when you have finished choosing your scripts
and you'll be give the option to name your custom palette.

4. A new script will be created in the CustomPaletteCreator folder. If you left
the name as 'my_custom_palette' it will already be in the Scripts menu,
otherwise you'll need to relaunch After Effects before your new custom palette
appears in the Scripts menu.

NOTE: At the moment the palette can only be one column wide. In a future
version I may add the ability to choose the number of columns, but I'll wait
to get some feedback first. Let me know if you find this script useful.

Paul T
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