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Hello everyone! Hope you can help on this.

Im trying to figure out how to accomplish a for loop in an specific folder name; and the another for loop over selected layers in a comp.
All my attemps went wrong :(

If any of you have the experience, it would be awesome and thanks in advance.

What im trying to get:

#1- Loop for specific folder:
Let's say I have a folder called "myFolder" into the project panel wich contains 3 compositions with differents names.
I need to loop for over the whole items into "myFolder" and change their name with "_Old_Not_Use", but just if they are compositions.

#2 - Loop for selected layer into a comp:
I have different types of layers into a comp (images, videos, audio, text, etc)
After manually selec them, I need to add expressions depending on its type:

For images and text..... opacity expression
for audio... an audio level expression
for video... an audio and opacity expression

Hope any of you could shed some light on this!
Thanks everyone :D

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