Isolate Current Visible Layers and / Shy / Hide others

What type of scripts do you need?

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How about a script that will Shy/Hide every layer not currently (accessible) in the Comp window.
Isolate Current Visible Layers and Shy / Hide all others

Just to automate and add to After Effects' own: in Comp Search and Select (see:
Would save me a ton of time when working with a large project (especially if it's cluttered— em... say passed on to you by another animator... not my own of course! :roll: )

Wonder if anybody would be able to give this a shot ? - since I'm not even a scripting nubee.

Thanks in advance,

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Have you seen Zorro the layer tagger at AEScripts..

pretty much does what you are after
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Thanks for your reply:

Yep I love Zorro! But the only way zorro would work is if you were to assign shot numbers for each layer or time/frame range labels signifying when each layer appears (i.e. is visible in the comp window at— but this can get hairy and time consuming especially if you're working with large and messy comp .

So what if you were given this large and messy comp with a ton of layers and wanted to hide all the other layers not currently on screen in order to isolate and work only with the layers currently on screen?

Currently in After Effects you can set your mouse over on screen and control+click (right-click) to open a contextual menu and select the layer or layers in the timeline that are visible to where your mouse is at.

But what I would like (and I think would be very useful to the entire After Effects community also) is to not only check where your mouse is over but to check the entire Comp screen to see, select all layers visible with the option to hide/shy all other layers and also the option to solo the visible layers.

Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier or if this too is confusing.

Alan Eddie
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I wrote a script that addresses this issue:

Thanks, Alan.
Alan Eddie
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