zoom in with continuously reducing the value X and y positio

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Hi ,

i would like to zoom in to the "fractal" plug in of after effects.
The problem is: the more you zoom in the x and y position control is no longer useable.
THis is because the zoom factor is so high that you cant control the position any more.

But as far as i know you need to control this , because with x and y you point to a region
of interest.

Q: Is their an expression to make the x and y position more sensitiv while zooming in ?
I reduced the amount by adding a /1000 or /1000000. But still , when you reach a
point in the fractal where it gets interesting your not able any more to control it.

Q: The other idea i had was: Is there a math function that aims to the center of a region of interest
inside of the fractal. If this is a function , then it could be implemented into the zoom function.

Any help would be great.
I hope that this text is explaining the problem. English is not my native language.
thanxs pele
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