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Paul Tuersley
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This script has two functions. It can split selected layers at their layer markers, or add markers at the cut points of any layers in a comp. This can help with comp navigation and more. The script requires CS3 or later.

Watch the tutorial video and download pt_LayerMarkers from

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Hey Paul - this script is excellent - thanks so much!

I've been trying to make a modified version of it - that would ideally keep the markers on the split layers - but ONLY one marker per layer.

For instance if the layer markers said:

fly out
fly in

And I split that layer I'd want the first layer to keep 'intro' and delete the rest. Second layer keeps 'fly out' and deletes the rest etc.

I've succeeded in allowing the markers to stay - and assume that I'd need to add a variable that iterates in the array but get stuck from there.

Is this possible?


// jayse
Paul Tuersley
Posts: 704
Joined: June 5th, 2004, 7:59 am
Location: London, UK

Just to let you know, I've updated my old Split At Markers script with new functionality and renamed it pt_LayerMarkers.

@ jayse. I know it's taken a while, but I've included the ability to choose whether the markers are retained on the newly split layers.
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Hey Paul,

I just bought your script on and its great. It does exactly what i need. I use it with a "Render frame at marker" script.

I have a few feature requests for the plugin. Would it be possible to set the comment of markers based on the layer name. That way i can use that as my output name when sending the frame to the render queue.

Also would it be possible to select the middle of the layer in the "Based on" option? So if a layer start and 0.0 and end a 10.0 it would set a marker at 0.5.

It might not be everybody who needs those features but it would save me a great deal of time when rendering approval files with sequence/shot names.

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